How to merge VPT files or viewpoints of a CAX file into another CAX file in batch mode?

To merge viewpoints from one CAX file to another, an input XML file which consists of all the information to import or merge viewpoints is used. Below is given the syntax and a sample XML batch file.


Prompt :VCollabPro.exe file folder> VCollabPro.exe -b <input xml file path>


C:Program FilesVCollabVCollab Pro 2011> VCollabPro.exe -b “C:testbatch.xml”

Sample Input file (xml)

File Name: VCollabProBatch_ImportViewPt.xml

Location: “..SamplesBatchMode Inputs"

<?xml version=”1.0” encoding=”utf-8” ?>

<!– BatchVersion 1.0 –>

<!– VCollab Pro 2011 : Allows batch mode execution using -b option from command line. –>

<!– Sample Usage : C:VCollabAppPath>VCollabPro.exe -b this.xml –>

<!– Copyright (C) 2010 Visual Collaboration Technologies Inc. –>

<!– This xml format is alpha and it can be improved or changed by VCollab at the time of release VCollab Pro 2011 –>

<!– Purpose : This sample explains, How to merge viewpoints from external file into a new CAX file –>

<!– Here, viewpoints from sInputViewPointFile are mereged with sInputFile to create sOutputFile –>


fVersion = “0.1”

sInputFile = “..SamplesBatchMode Inputsairbag_displacement.CAX” >

<!– sInputViewPointFile is the external file that has viewpoints to be imported. Either it can CAX or .vpt file–>

<!– To Skip viewpoint state Set bApplyViewPointState = “FALSE” –>

<ImportViewpoint ENABLE = “TRUE”

sInputViewPointFile = “..SamplesBatchMode Inputsairbag_viewpoints.CAX”

bApplyViewPointState = “TRUE” />

<!–sOutputFile is the merger of sInputFile and sInputViewPointFile–>

<Output sOutputFile = “C:output.CAX” />