How to Create a Custom Menu Using Python Scripts?

VCollab provides users to build and customize a menu with python script files. Users need to have python script files (*.py) prior to building the python user menu.

  • Open any text editor like Notepad.

  • Click File | New

  • Save the file with the name, “VCollabPythonUI.csv” in the folder ‘%APPDATA%VCollab'

  • Enter first line with content header ‘#VCollab_Python_INTERFACE’.

  • Enter the second line with ‘GUI Mode=0’, which tells VCollab to add these commands as menu items.

  • Enter the menu title in the third line (for example, ‘My Title’)

  • Fourth line onwards, users should enter menu item name and its corresponding python script file path separated by comma. For example, ‘Menu Item 1, D:/’



  • If file path is wrong or file is not available in the path, then those menu item names will not be added to the menu.

  • VCollab allows users to append upto 18 menu items due to space constraints.