How to Capture a Movie?

VCollabPro allows users to create/capture a movie of user interactions, viewpoints and CAE animations.

How to capture a movie using Recording?

  • Open VCollab Pro and load a model

  • Click File | Export | Capture Movie

  • Provide filename for the movie to be captured


  • Click the file browser button.

  • Select file format in the Save file dialog that opens upt. Default file type is MP4.

  • Click the Record button to start capturing.

  • Click Stop when you wish to stop recording.

  • Wait for a message box to be appeared with a message as below.


  • Click OK. A sample movie created in VCollab Pro is shown below.


How to capture CAE Animation into a movie?

  • Click CAE | Animation Settings… to open the dialog as shown below.


  • Click the Capture Animation button in the settings panel.

  • Provide file name for the movie to be captured in the Capture Movie dialog box ,


  • Click file browser button and save the file in the desired location

  • Click the Capture button.

  • Wait for a confirmation message.


  • If file type is image type (i.e.,jpg,bmp,tif,png), then frame images are exported into the folder.