How to Export Viewpoints into a wCAX File?

  • Load a CAX file in VCollab Pro.

  • Create viewpoints

  • Click File | Export | wCAx… to open Export wCax dialog box.


  • Provide file name with path

  • Select viewpoints from the following options,

    • All Viewpaths - All viewpoints from all view paths will be exported.

    • Current Viewpath - All viewpoints for current selected viewpath will be exported

    • Current Viewpoint - Only the current viewpoint will be exported.

    • Current Display - Current Scene with orientation will be exported.

  • Check the Thumbnail option to generate a thumbnail image for display.

  • Check the Password option for password protecting the wCAX file

  • The password text boxes will be enabled. Provide and Confirm the password.

  • Click Save and wait for a success message.


  • Users can visualize wCAX file in web viewer available at