How to Merge VPT Files with CAX Files in VCollab Pro?

Steps to merge VPT files with CAX files

  • Open VCollab Pro and load a CAX file

  • Click Edit | Viewpoints List… or Open Viewpoints tab from the left span of VCollab Pro window.

  • Right click inside the panel area to open the context menu context menu.

  • Select Import Viewpoints… option which open a file browser window


  • Merging VPT Files

    • Select File type as VCollab Files(*.vpt).


  • Select a VPT file (*.vpt).

  • A new view path will be added to the list of view paths.

  • Merging previously defined view paths of a CAX.

    • Make sure that Files of type is VCollab Files(*.CAX).


  • Select the CAX file (*.CAX), which contains user defined viewpoints.

  • All view paths will be added to the list of view paths.