How to Merge CAX Files

This section provides a step by step procedure to merge CAX files.

Steps to merge CAX files

  • Open VCollab Pro application.

  • Load a CAX file.


  • Click File | Merge.

  • A file browser dialog opens up. Select a CAX file to be merged with the current scene.

  • The image below depicts two bracket CAX files that are merged.


  • Models are identified with their file name or model name labels attached to them.

  • If both the models are of the same mesh, they overlap each other.

  • Transform option available in the product tree or

    can be used to overcome this overlap issue.

  • Open Product Explorer and view the product tree.

  • Right click on the merged model to open the context menu as shown below.


  • Select Transform to open the Transform panel

  • Click Translate.

  • Either enter some units or use the increment arrows in x, y, and z axes.


  • Select Rotate to rotate the model.


  • Enter x, y and z axis components in the respective boxes to define the axis of rotation. Enter angle for rotation.

  • Select Scale to scale the model if necessary. Enter the scale values for each axis.

E.g., Scale is applied on the Y axis with 2 units in the below image.


  • Click the Reset option to clear all these transformations.