How to Export Viewpoints as PPT Files?

VCollab Pro users can export viewpoints into a vpt file and the same file can be merged into a CAX file.

Steps to export viewpoints as PPT

  • Open VCollab Pro and load a CAX file with viewpoints.

  • Right click inside the viewpoints panel.

  • Select Export Image As| from the context menu.


  • The Save file browser window opens up.


  • Select file type as .ppt to store viewpoints states into ppt image slides.

  • Click Save

  • A prompt shows up with a message “Do you want to use a template?”.

  • Click ‘Yes’ if you want to use a template file.

  • A file browser dialog opens for selecting the template file.

  • After selecting the template file, a ppt file is generated and opened in MS-PowerPoint software.


  • Viewpoints without animation are embedded as images in PPT,

  • Viewpoints with animation are embedded as animated GIF in PPT.

Viewpoints with and without animation in PPT


In presentation mode of PPT,



Controlling position and size:

Users can control the position and size of the image in PPT .

  • Click Edit | Options to open the Options dialog.


  • Uncheck the Auto option to enable positioning interfaces.

  • Change origin value either in inches or pixel units.

  • Change width(W) and height(H) of images.

  • Background color can be ignored if the Use Plain Background in PPT option is checked. Under this option, plain white background is captured for the PPT

  • Gif Animation option is ON by default. This is the option which captures viewpoint with CAE animation as animated Gif.