How to Bring PPT Slides into CAX as Viewpoints?

PPT Slides can be brought into CAX as viewpoints with the following steps.

  1. Conversion of all PPT slides into images.

    • In a Microsoft powerpoint file, keep the required slides that need to be exported and discard other slides.

    • Click File | Save As


  • Select any image format from Save as type drop down list.

  • Click Save, which prompts for Every Slide or Current Slide Only.


  • Click Every Slide to save all slides as images.


  • A confirmation message shows up.

  1. Loading a CAX file and making the viewer blank.

    • Load a CAX file in VCollab Pro.

    • Hide the following data in the viewer to make the viewer blank.

      • All the models and parts using the product tree.

      • Delete all labels

      • Turn off Legend

      • Turn off Navigator

      • Turn off all CAE plots.

  2. Adding viewpoints

    • Change the background with slide1 image, using texture mode.


  • Add to viewpoint.

  • Change the background image with slide2 image.

  • Add to viewpoint.

  • Repeat the process till the last image is added as a viewpoint.

  1. Save As CAX

    • Save the data into CAX using the Save As option.

    • CAX is now ready with PPT slides as viewpoints.

Note: Animated Gif file in Background will work as Image without animation.