How to View Cut Sections?

Steps to view the cut section

  • Load any CAX model in VCollab Pro.

  • Click Tools|Cut Section to open the Section Manager dialog

  • Click XY, YZ, XZ options to view section planes parallel to coordinate planes and passing through the model center.


  • Model is clipped with respect to the section plane defined.

  • Click Show Planes to view a semi transparent section plane.


  • Click Invert to invert clipping side.


  • Click Slice to to add one more cutting plane opposite to the existing one.


  • Use Translation slider control to translate the section plane in a normal direction.


  • Use Rotation slider controls to rotate section planes in either U or V Parametric Axes of the plane

U Axis


V Axis


  • Click Custom to create a user defined section plane.

How to define a custom cutting section or clipping plane?

  • Click Custom in the Section Manager dialog.

  • Click the 3 Points option which is now enabled.

  • Click any three points on the model.

  • Section plane, passing through the points selected, is thus defined.


  • Use Snap Vertex to select the nearest vertices of the model.

How to know the present cut section plane location?

Steps to get and edit section plane data

  • Click Section Plane location in the Section Manager dialog to openSection Plane Location dialog.

  • It displays the current primary section plane equation in the form of aX+bY+cZ+d=0. where (a,b,c) is unit normal of the plane and d refers to the perpendicular distance of the plane from origin.


  • Users can enter any point coordinates or pick a vertex using the Pick button to move the plane to a particular point.

Steps to set unit increment for the slider controls

  • Click Section Plane Location in the Section Manager dialog to open the Section Plane Location dialog.

  • Change Translation and Rotation step sizes provided.

  • Click Apply to set values and reset the slider positions.

  • By default, the translation slider is split into 100 ticks.

  • Users can change the translation step size from 1 to 100.

  • By default, rotation sliders are split into 180 ticks, which means each tick refers to one degree.

  • Users can change the rotation step size from 1 to 180.


  • Notice the changes made to the number of tick marks and position of sliders.