How to Add Transparency to the Model / Parts in the Viewer?

Transparency can be applied to the full model or to selected parts.

Applying Transparency to the full model

  • Open VCollab Pro and load a model

  • Click Display->Display Mode->Transparent.


Transparency to selected parts This can be achieved via:

  • Part Context menu

  • Part List panel.

Part Context menu

  • Select a part by double clicking on the part.

  • The selected part gets highlighted and the part context menu open up.

  • User Control + Double click for selecting multiple parts as below.


  • Select the “ Display Modes->Transparent” and now the transparency is applied only to the selected part


Part List Panel

  • Right click to open the context menu.

  • Select Product Explorer

  • Select Part List panel tab.

  • Select the parts to which transparency needs to be applied.


  • Open Display mode drop down list and select Transparent mode.


  • Notice that transparency is applied to selected parts.

  • To remove the transparency, select the part again by double clicking it and then choose Display Modes->Shaded or other display modes.