Overview of VMoveCAD

VMoveCAD is a tool to create CAX files from CAD files.

With VMove CAD, users can:

  • Read the CAD files of various formats

  • Increase or decrease the tessellation.

Location of VMoveCAD on Windows System

Windows users can locate VMoveCAD application by going to Start–>All Programs–> VCollab–>VMoveCAD–>VMoveCAD.exe


VMoveCAD Files

The files of VMoveCAD are found at “%VCOLLAB_DIR%VMOVECAD64”. The details of the files and folders are given below.

  • VMoveCAD.exe: This is the VMoveCAD windows application. It provides a GUI to the user to load CAD files and translate them to CAX files.

  • VMoveCADBatch.exe: This executable file launches the VMoveCAD console. This is a batch application used to create CAX files with no user intervention. It provides no GUI and uses the command line arguments to derive the translation parameters.

  • CadInfo.exe: This executable file launches the CAD information console. CadInfo.exe can be used to generate metadata from CAD files. The metadata is written in XML form.

  • Help: The Help folder consists of VMoveCAD help and release documentation.

  • *.dll, VMoveCAD.ico: These files are runtime dependencies for VMoveCAD executables.

System Requirement

The *minimum system requirements for running the latest version of VMoveCAD are as follows.

  • Pentium III Processor or equivalent

  • 512MB disk space

  • 512MB RAM

  • Monitor supporting 800x600 resolution

*Optimal system requirements for VMoveCAD depends upon the file size and other properties of the native CAD files being used. For processing large files, the recommended system configuration is:

  • Pentium Core 2 Duo or equivalent

  • 5GB disk space

  • 2GB RAM

  • Monitor supporting 800x600 resolution.