Conversion of CAD Assembly Files

With VMoveCAD users can create a single CAX file by reading the complete assembly file consisting of required parts.

The following are the extensions of assembly files which are supported by VMoveCAD

CAD Software

Supported File Extensions

Catia V5











I.Consider the following Catia V5 assembly, which is available in “..VCollabSamplesNative CAD FilesCatia V5 Assembly” folder. It has 13 .CATPart files and 6 .CATProduct files. Among the .CATProduct files, the Assembly.CATProduct in the main assembly file. The user should select this file to get the single Assembly.CAX file.


II.Consider the following ProE assembly, which is available in “..VCollabSamplesNative CAD FilesProE Assembly” folder. Select the slider_crank.asm to get the complete assembly as a single slider_crank.CAX file



  • If the input folder has multiple assembly files, the user needs to be careful in selecting the right assembly file in the folder.

  • The assembly file contains the information about the parts files and their locations. If the assembly file is moved from one folder to another, it is mandatory to move all files to that folder. If any of the remaining part files are left behind, the user will not get the complete assembly as desired.