VMoveCAD Batch Mode in Linux

MoveCAD installers come with two different executables, VMoveCAD and VMoveCADBatch in both Microsoft Windows and Linux. The Linux release provides an additional shell script with the name vmovecad(all small letters). This shell script sets the correct environment variables and paths before invoking the batch application or GUI mode based on command line parameters.

In Linux, VCollab recommends users to invoke vmovecad instead of directly calling VMoveCAD or VMoveCADBatch.

Syntax and description of vmovecad

i. vmovecad

This command sets the correct paths and environment variables and runs VMoveCAD GUI application.

ii.vmovecad test.CATPART test.cax

This command sets the paths and environment variables and invokes the VMoveCADBatch application. It will read the test.CATPART from the current directory and create a test.cax in the same directory.

Setting Environment Variables Manually

If the user wants to invoke the GUI and Batch applications directly without using the script, the required environment variables, application and shared library paths will need to be set manually before invoking the application. These can be found in the “lib64/VMoveCAD” subdirectory under the installation folder of VMoveCAD. If the default installation path is used, they can be found in the “/usr/local/lib64/VMoveCAD” folder.