CaxMerge is a console application provided by VMoveCAE to merge CAX data from different files.

In a typical 64-bit WIndows installation, CaxMerge is found in C:\Program Files\VCollab\xx.x\VMoveCAE64\CaxMerge.exe.

Here, xx.x refers the VCollab version

In a typical linux installation, it can be found in



CAXMerge.exe [options] [CAXFile 1] [CAXFile 2] … [CAXFile n] [Output CAX file path]

If no options are used CaxMerge treats all the input CAX files as separate models and merges them together.

If all the input CAX files belong to the same model (they contain the exact same mesh), then user can merge them together using following options





Merges results into

different instances.

Instance names should be different


It renames instances with

combinations of file name

and instance name

If file1 has ‘Result1’ with name L1M1 and file 2 has same ‘Result1’ with same name L1M1,

this option renames with instance names into ‘file1L1M1’and file2L1M1’


  • CaxMerge --merge-as-instances <input_file_1.cax> <input_file_2.cax> … <input_file_n.cax> <output_file.cax>

  • CaxMerge --merge-as-instances --auto-rename-instances <input_file_1.cax> <input_file_2.cax> … <input_file_n.cax> <output_file.cax>

Merging Viewpoint files

CaxMerge can also be used to merge viewpoint files with CAX files as shown in the following example.

CaxMerge “bracket.cax” “bracket.vpt” “bracket-with-views.cax”

If the file name contains spaces, specify the file path in double quotes.

Example Syntax:

C:> “…\VCollab\xx.x\VMoveCAE64\CAXMerge.exe” “E:\CAXfiles\file1.CAX” “E:\CAXfiles\file2.CAX” “E:\CAXfiles\file3.CAX” “E:\CAXfiles\newfile.CAX”