Troubleshooting: VCollab Products are not able to acquire floating license

Try the following options to acquire the floating license correctly.

Configuration of License Server

Make sure that the license server is properly configured as explained Click Here

Verify if License Server is configured correctly

It is important to check that license server is configured correctly and it started issuing licenses. Click Here for more details.

How to acquire license from client machine

Make sure that this environment variable is set on client machine.

Variable    :    VE3D_LICENSE_FILE

Value       :    port_number@hostname_of_license_server

Click Here for more details.

Verify if Firewall is enabled on License Server

The VCollab applications will fail to acquire the license, if the license server machine is enabled with Windows Firewall. Unique ports should be assigned to lmgrd.exe and VE3D.exe on the license server machine. Click Here more details.

Try to ping license server

Make sure that you are able to ping the license server from the client machine. To do so,

  • Open the Command Window

  • type ‘ping license_server’ and press enter.

If it doesn’t work, try to ping using the IP address of license server machine. If that also doesn’t work, do contact your IT administrator to fix it.

If the above solutions didn’t help you resolve the issue, please contact with the following information.

  1. The Operating System of license server machine

  2. The log file that is set on license server for FLEXlm. Click Here

  3. The snapshot of error message you are getting in VCollab application.