VCollab License Timeout

VCollab license timeout is a feature that releases inactive licenses back to the license pool. The VCollab application is determined to be inactive when the application is idle, meaning no mouse clicks and keystrokes are occurring with the application


The Timeout option is enabled only for VCollab Pro and VCollab Presenter
This is not available with VMoveCAE and VMoveCAD. It means the applications (VMoveCAE and VMoveCAD) will not release the license until the application is closed.

Procedure to enable Timeout Feature

  1. Create a VE3D.opt file and open it in a text editor

  2. Add the following line and save the file
    • TIMEOUTALL time_in_secs

    • For example, TIMEOUTALL 900 (Here 900 refers to 15 mins)

  3. Open the VCollab license file in the text editor

  4. Update the Vendor line as below (mentioning the full path is recommended)
    • SERVER lic_server_name 001122334455

    • VENDOR VE3D options=F:\Lic_Server\VE3D.opt

  5. Save the license file

  6. Now, Restart the FLEXlm license server

By default, the In-Active Timeout for VCollabPro is 2 Hrs. If the application is idle for 2 Hours (No mouse or Keyboard interaction from the user with the VCollabPro), the application sends the inactivity notification to the License Server.  Then Server waits till the TIMEOUT minutes mentioned in the .opt file. For example, 15 mins here.  If there is still no activity notification from the client application, the license server takes the license back to the license pool and keeps it available for other users. By default, the license is released to the license pool in 120 mins + X mins(mentioned in .opt file) in case of the inactivity of the application.