How to acquire license from client machine

Make sure that this following environment variable is set on client machine to acquire the floating license from the license server.

Variable    :   VE3D_LICENSE_FILE

Value       :   @hostname_of_license_server

Example     :   If the hostname_of_license_Server is ‘vcollab_lic_server’, then the value should be as below

Value       :   @vcollab_lic_server


If port number is specified in the SERVER line of license file for License Manager Daemon (lmgrd,) as below

SERVER vcollab_lic_server 0050568A73A5 2701

That specific port number should be used in VE3D_LICENSE_FILE variable on client machine as below

Value       :        2701@vcollab_lic_server
  • Make sure that this port number is not used by any other application.

  • If port number is not specified in the license file, it’s not required to specify port number in VE3D_LICENSE_FILE variable on client machine

  • The default port number used by FLEXlm is between 27000 – 27009, if no port is specified in the license file