How to Visualize the Model Topology Optimization in VCollab During the MDO Process?

Step 1 : Merge the multiple CAX models into one CAX model.

Batch mode:

The CAXMerge.exe is a utility application which combines a number of CAX files into a single CAX file in batch mode.


C:...VCollab/VMoveCAE64> CAXMerge.exe [CAXFile 1] [CAXFile 2] … [CAXFile n] [Output CAX file path]


If the file name contains spaces, specify the file path in double quotes.


C:> “…VCollabVMoveCAE64\CAXMerge.exe” “E:CAXfilesfile1.CAX” “E:CAXfilesfile2.CAX” “E:CAXfilesfile3.CAX” “E:CAXfilesnewfile.CAX”

Step 2: Play animation across the models.

  • Open VCollab Pro.

  • Load the combined CAX file using File | Open

  • Click CAE | Animation Settings

  • Select Dataset Animation type from Animation type list box.

  • Click CAE | Animate and view the animation .

  • Click CAE | Results List for combined palette.

  • Check Combined Palette option in the CAE Result list dialog.

  • To add this view state as a viewpoint, right click inside the viewer to open the context menu.

  • Select Viewpoint | Add Viewpoint

  • Enter appropriate names for view path and viewpoint.