How to Read Results from ODB and Map them to the Element Eets from the INP File?

VMoveCAE allows the users to

  • Read mesh and results from an ODB file

  • Read element set definitions from an INP file

  • Create element sets based on the INP file

  • Extract mesh and results for specified element sets and create a CAX file

VMoveCAE reads the element set names and element ids corresponding to those element sets from the INP file. The element ids are used to create element sets for the mesh to read from ODB files. Users can read the element sets from INP files by turning on the checkbox Prompt for Abaqus input file found in Settings -> Preferences dialog. This option should be turned on before loading the ODB file. These configuration settings are retained across runs.

Steps to read ODB file and then append INP file

  • Open VMoveCAE application.


  • Click Settings | Preferences to open the VMoveCAE Settings panel.


  • Check the option Prompt for Abaqus input file

  • Load ODB file.

  • The application will prompt for an INP file.


  • Click Yes to extract element sets from inp file.

  • Select the correct INP file.

  • Save into the CAX file.