How to Visualise Vector Plot in VCollab Presenter?

The Vector Plot display option plots vectors for CAE vector type results.

  • VCollab saves one user color for vector plot in view point as well as in CAX. Full tensor derived type may require 3 user colors at most.

Steps to view and set up Vector Plot

  • Click CAE | Display | Vector Plot


    Click CAE Settings | Vector Plot.



Auto scale helps users to view very huge vectors as well as very small ignorable changes inside the viewer.

  • Click CAE | CAE Settings| Vector Plot to modify vector plot setup.

  • By default, Auto Scale is enabled.

  • Uncheck Auto Scale to scale manually using slider control.

  • Click the Deformation option to plot the vector with instance and motion of model.


  • Slider bar is always positioned at the center of the slider unless the user moves.

  • To scale up, move the slider right side. Slider bar comes to the center once the user releases the mouse button.


  • To scale down, move the slider to the left.


  • Users have no constraints to scale up or down. They can enter an exact scale value in the edit box at the end of the slider and apply the same.

  • Use the Arrow Size option to increase the size of the arrow.


  • Click User Color to enable the color box

  • Click the color box with default white color to open up the color palette.

  • Choose a color and click Ok to apply the color on to the vector plot.


  • By default vectors are starting from nodal positions. If necessary, make the vectors end at nodal positions by selecting Nodal Position As option as End point.


  • Check Reverse option to reverse the direction of vectors if necessary.


  • Select Rotational option in the derived vector type


  • Select Both option in derived vector type which shows rotational as well as translational.