At the core of the VCollab Suite lies the VCollab proprietary file format named CAx. VCollab Suite comes with products which provide visualization, presentation, documentation and collaboration for CAx files as well as tools for creating CAx files from CAD, CAE and CAM solutions. The main components of the VCollab Suite are listed below.

  • VCollab Pro: VCollab Pro is a high performance visualization solution for CAD/CAM/CAE data that allows users to view and manipulate any CAx files without the native application. It provides the user the ability to visualize and manipulate CAx file obtained from CAD, CAE and CAM solutions. It also provides the functionality to import vrml files and create CAx files from them.

  • VCollab Presenter: VCollab Presenter is a light weight viewer to embed and view CAx files under Microsoft Office Tools or Microsoft Internet Explorer. It is designed to be a easy-to-use solution even for people with little technical expertise on the CAD/CAE and CAM, especially for presentations through Microsoft Office tools. VCollab Presenter is mainly a documentation and presentation tool and doesn’t provide the complex visualization and manipulation operations on the CAx files provided by VCollab Pro.

  • VMoveCAE: VMoveCAE is a CAx generator for native CAE files. It provides the ability to the user to read native CAE files of various formats, filter the data as required, create additional features from CAE solutions and translate it to CAx files.

  • VMoveCAD: VMoveCAD is a CAx generator for native CAD files. It provides the ability to the user to read native CAD files of various formats and translates it to CAx files.

  • VMoveJT : VMoveJT is a translator which translates .jt files to .cax files.