Command Line Arguments for Creating Features

The command line arguments available in VMoveCAE to create cut-sections, iso-surfaces and flow lines are given below.

  1. –cut-sections=SECTION_LIST : Creates cut-sections defined in SECTION_LIST

    Example: –cut-sections=“2.4X+0.6Y-3.2Z=20.6, 0.2X- 1.4Y+1.2Z=32.4”

  2. –iso-surfaces=ISO_SURFACE_LIST : Creates iso-surfaces specified in ISO_SURFACE_LIST To specify a derived type, append the derived type name to the result name. For example, “Stress X-component” can be used to create iso-surface for the X-component of the Stress result.

    Example: –iso-surfaces=“Mach Number, Velocity Magnitude”

  3. –flow-lines=FLOW_LINE_LIST : Creates flow-lines specified in FLOW_LINE_LIST. Multiple flow-lines can be specified separated by commas. Each flow line specification involves the specification of the result as well as the specification of the seed point or the part name.

    For example, to create 50 flow-lines of velocity start from the part “inlet”, users need to specify [Velocity, inlet, 50]

Example: –flow-lines=“[Velocity, inlet, 50]”

It is possible to skip specifying the number of flow-lines. In such a scenario, zero is used as the number of flow-lines. These variables are separated by commas and enclosed in square braces.