VCollabPro allows users to play the Co-Simulation of models from two different simulation types (example, MSC.Adams, and MSC.Marc). The steps to play the co-simulation are below.

  • Load the first model ( Click Here for more details)

  • Merge the second model ( Click Here for more details)

  • Play the animation (CAE | Animate) (Click Here for more details). It will play the co-simulation here.

How to play the Co-Simulation if the number of time steps is different in each model

Enable the ‘Interpolate’ option in ‘CAE | Animation Settings’ in order to sync the different time steps while playing the co-simulation. Click Here (How to use ‘Interpolate’ option in Transient Animation) for more details on the ‘Interpolate’ option.

  • Load the first model (For example, Marc data)

  • Merge the second model (For example, Adams data)

  • Enable the ‘Interpolate’ option in CAE Animation Settings dialog

  • Play the animation to view the co-simulation.

  • It’s recommended to load the CAE (Marc) data first and Merge the Adams data to play the co-simulation.

  • In case, If the Adams data is loaded first, then the merged CAE (Marc) model should be made as the current model and select the displacement result before playing the Co-Simulation.