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This is part of product explorer, which explains the significances of viewpoint state and its manipulation. Presenter allows user to view as well as animate viewpoint states. User can export and import vpt files. vpt file consists of all viewpoints of a user specified viewpath. Extension of vpt files is .vpt

Default view paths generated by application are,

  • Standard Views
    • This ViewPath contains all standard views as viewpoint states.
      • Front, Rear, Left side, Right side, Top, Bottom and Isometric views.

View point state

It is a user viewpoint state in which, user added more information.

User can store view points with view paths and retrieve them to view.

User is allowed to animate a path that contains a set of user view points.


Context Menu


Add ViewPoint Adds a view point to current view path
Rename Viewpoint Provides new name to the current view point
Insert ViewPoint Inserts a view point before current view point
Delete ViewPoint Deletes the view point selected
Update ViewPoint Allows user to edit and update an existing viewpoint
Capture Camera Adds current view to viewpoint without any states.
Animate Path Animate the current view path
Stop Stops animating view path
Apply State Enables and saves all state variables to viewpoints. Otherwise, viewpoint alone is saved.
Loop Animation Enables to play animation continuously.
Add ViewPath Adds new path to the list
Rename Path Provides new name for the current path
Delete path Deletes current view path.
Generate Path Generates view path with various viewpoints for model presentations.
  Presentation 1 - Except focused part or group of parts, all others are in semi transparent mode.
  Presentation 2 - Except focused part or group of parts, all others are in hidden mode.
  CAE Results Viewpoints - Viewpoints for all CAE results  and its components.
  CAE Viewpoints Settings - Customized ViewPath generation
Import ViewPoints... Imports viewpoints from external vpt or cax file.
Export Viewpoints... Exports viewpoints into vpt file or ppt file..
Export Image As Exports all viewpoint states into bmp, tiff, jpeg and png file formats
AddVisibleLabelViewPt... This is applicable only if the selected viewpoint contains CAE probed labels. In the selected viewpoint, labels of which attached positions are not visible in the current view are suppressed. And the suppressed labels are taken to new viewpoint. User has to provide viewpoint name.
  • This option is to interactively modify/split a viewpoint in such a way that multiple viewpoints can be created with visible hotspots.
  • User selects a viewpoint. Then changes the view by using rotate / zoom / section options such that a set of hotspot labels are visible.
  • Then user selects 'Add Visible Label ViewPoint' option. The system will create a new viewpoint with only visible hotspots in this modified view. The remaining hotspots will remain in the original viewpoint.
  • By repeating these steps user can create multiple viewpoints without missing any hotspot.


A viewpoint state may contain

  • Notes
  • Annotation
  • Display mode
  • Probed CAE result labels
  • Pick and move part state
  • Exploded view
  • Measurements
  • Cut section
  • CAE result information.
  • Merged dataset view.
  • XY Plot
  • Vector Plot



  • User can store different types of observations on model as view point states.

  • User can retrieve all observations in a view point state.

  • Animate path  helps user to walk through model.

Viewpoints Panel


Path List of paths added by user
Viewpoints list box Lists all view points of selected path
Estimated Time Displays estimated time. User can edit this value.
Elapsed Time Allows user to control the animation.



How to animate view point states?

  • Select a path from the path list if path exists.

  • Right click and select Animate Path in the drop down context menu.


  • Click play button available in the bottom of viewpoints panel page.

  • Animation starts from first view point state  and ends with last view point state.

  • Click Loop Animation to play animation continuously.

  • Right click and click Stop to stop the animation.

How to generate viewpoints for model presentations?

  • Click right mouse button inside the viewpoints panel.

  • It drops down a context menu.

  • Select Generate ViewPath option.

  • Two options appears now as Presentation 1 and Presentation 2

  • Click one of them to generate viewpoints according to model tree.

  • Non-focused parts are in semi transparent mode in Presentation 1.

  • Non-focused parts are hidden in Presentation 2.

  • Option 'CAE Results View Points' generate all CAE results and its derived types as viewpoints.

  • Option 'CAE Viewpoints Settings' wizard helps user to customize viewpoints generation


  • User can select the options and generate them.

How to export and import viewpoints?

To export viewpoints

  • Click right mouse button inside the viewpoints panel.

  • Select 'Export Viewpoints' option from dropdown context menu.

  • It pops up file browser dialog.

  • Select file type as .vpt to store viewpoints.

  • Click Save.

To import viewpoints

  • Click 'Import Viewpoints' option from the context menu.

  • It pops up file browser dialog.

  • Select any .cax or .vpt file to import view points.

  • Click Open and notice that view paths are imported.



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