VCollab Solutions

VCollab solutions  offer  an innovative approach  to  CAE  data sharing, data archiving, presentation,   visualization and collaboration,   breaking down communication barriers. 

VCollab's solutions are designed to dramatically reduce the large  CAE file sizes, so that they can easily be shared, viewed and manipulated by experts as well as non-experts,  using an easy to use VCollab viewer, without the native authoring applications installed.  VCollab solutions allow  users to present design and analysis CAD/CAE  data by embedding it into MS-Office applications and HTML pages. This allows (in contrast to standard 2D images) to manipulate 3D objects during presentations or design reviews (pan, zoom, rotate, cut by planes etc).

VCollab solution comprises of  the following tools.

VMoveCAE is the translator to translate CAE results files into VCollab files ( CAX files). Many CAE models and results files can be converted into ultra compact VCollab CAX files. VMoveCAE also extracts meta data from the CAE files and provide the same in XML/Text format. This meta data can be easily integrated into any third party systems like PLM, SLM etc.

VMoveCAD is a translator to convert CAD geometries from many native CAD formats into CAX files. VMoveCAD supports the translation of native CAD files ( both in batch mode or in GUI mode ) from CATIA V4, CATIA V5, UG NX, PRO/E, Inventor, STEP 203, IGES 3D, SolidWorks, SolidEdge, CGR into CAX files.

VCollab Pro is a post processor of CAX files and is a stand alone desktop tool. VCollab Pro is designed for analysts and helps analysts to post process CAX files and also to create 3D CAE Reports ( enriched CAX files with viewpoints ) from raw CAX results files. Using VCollab Pro, the CAX file can be edited/enriched. CAE reports can be authored using VCollab Pro by creating ViewPoints. Multiple CAX files can be merged into a single CAX file for multi-desciplinary/multi physics visualization.. ex. CAX file from CATIA, CAX file from ABAQUS and CAX file from Fluent can be merged into one single CAX file. 3D Slides ( Viewpoints) and 3D walk thrus can be created and saved into CAX, for improved 3D presentations, documentation and easier sharing. VCollab Pro also provides Python interface using which the CAE Report generation process can be easily automated.

3D PDF & JT Export Plug-ins : One can export the CAE models and results from the CAX files using VCollab Pro into the 3D PDF as well as JT files for easier sharing of CAE data with others. Please note that these add-ons are separately licensed and they need to be purchased separately.

VCollab Presenter is a 3D Viewer/Light Weight Post Processor to visualize and explore the CAX files. VCollab CAX files can be viewed and explored in VCollab Presenter by double clicking the CAX files. VCollab Presenter also plugs-in easily into third party applications like MS Office, WEB, SDM/SLM/PLM/MDO systems. Using VCollab Presenter, the VCollab files can also be embedded into PowerPoint slides or WEB pages and visualized in 3D. VCollab Presenter is easy to use post processor of CAX files and is designed to be used by analysts as well as non-analysts who likes to post process CAE results.

VCollab Presenter Lite is a free viewer and is targeted for those non-analysts who likes to just review the CAX files with ViewPoints.

Supported CAE files in VCollab Solution.

  • MSC Nastran
  • NX Nastran
  • Fluent   

Supported CAD files in VCollab Solution.

  • CATIA V4/V5/V6
  • Unigraphics
  • ProE
  • Solidworks
  • Solid Edge
  • Inventor
  • Parasolid

Using VCollab solutions, the large CAE files can be converted into very small  VCollab 3D visual files.    The light weight VCollab file sizes can get reduced up to 98%, making it easier to achieve or share  or reuse CAE files.

Benefits  to the Product Development Companies

  • Presentations:

    CAE managers/Analysts can easily embed the light weight VCollab files into MS Office Documents  for 3D Presentation / Design Reviews of CAE results.  CAD designs and  CAE results can be combined into one VCollab file for powerful product presentations

  • Managing CAE reviews in the out sourcing scenario

    One of the biggest issues in CAE out sourcing is the design review of the CAE results, due to the large file sizes of the results files.   VCollab solutions allow  suppliers  to present design and analysis CAD/CAE  data by  e-mailing the results for review or  by  embedding it into PowerPoint slides or HTML pages. This allows (in contrast to standard 2D images) to manipulate 3D parts/results, during presentations or design reviews (pan, zoom, rotate, cut by planes etc.) improving the efficiency of the outsourcing projects.  

  • Archival of CAE results

    3D CAE results can also be embedded into MS Word documents in the form of  light weight VCollab files  for easier archival. 

  • Reduce storage and network costs

    The ultra compact sizes of VCollab files help to reduce the storage space, file transfer time and save network bandwidth.

  • Sharing or re-use of CAE results :   

    Due to the smaller sizes of the VCollab files, it is lot easier to share the CAE results with peers and customers.   Sharing could be thru e-mail or thru WEB interface or thru existing PLM/ERP systems.  The selected / important CAE results can be easily embedded/published  into  corporate/Intranet  WEB pages for easier access using browsers.    This capability helps IT departments / corporate to easily manage CAE data thru their PLM / ERP infrastructure. 

  • Collaboration among peers or global design centers

    The smaller file sizes and the  easy to use 3D Viewer, along with the collaboration capabilities,  improves the collaboration among global design and analysis teams leading to faster product development cycles saving cost and time  and improving the productivity of  Engineer