Supported File Types

The following are the file types supported by VCollab Pro
Input Files 
  • VCollab CAX files (.CAX)

Output Files 

3D file formats:

  • VCollab CAX files (*.CAX)

  • VRML 2.0 files (*.wrl)

  • STL files (*.stl)

  • JT files (*.jt)

  • 3DPDF (*.pdf)


Image file formats:

  • BMP Image (*.bmp)

  • JPEG Image (*.jpg)

  • TIFF Image (*.tiff)

  • PNG Image (*.png)

Motion file formats:

  • Animated GIF (*.gif)

  • AVI Movie (*.avi)

Other formats:

  • Hotspot files (*.hotspot)

  • Microsoft Power Point Presentation Files (*.ppt)