Show / Hide

This section provides different options on showing or Hiding parts.

Context Menu


Hide Hides selected part
Hide Others Hides all parts except selected part
Show All Shows all parts independent of selection.
Invert Show Hides all visible parts and shows all invisible parts
Deselect All Removes all selection.
Delete All Visible Deletes all visible parts
Delete All Hidden Deletes all hidden parts

How to use Show/Hide option?

Click inside the viewer using the right mouse button to pop up the context menu and then follow the instructions as below.

  • Load a model.
  • Select a model by double clicking on a part.

  • Select Hide.
  • Notice that the selected part is hidden.

  • Select Hide Others.
  • Notice that it hides all parts except the selected part.

  • Select Invert Show .
  • Displays all hidden parts and hides all visible parts.

  • Select Show All option.
  • Shows all parts independent of any type of selection.

  • Click 'Deselect All' option to clear any type of selection on model parts.