Scale Factor

This command helps user to scale deformation of the model in each coordinate axes..

Context Menu

Scale Factor Panel


By checking this option, user modified value will be applied to all X, Y and Z direction. This option is unchecked by default.

X, Y Z Scale factor for each direction. Default scale factor  for all three directions is 1.
Apply The modified scale factors will applied on model and visible in viewer.


Max. Normalization for Mode Case Data

Panel displays additional interface for mode case data as below,



For mode case data, deformation is normalized (uniform -max - normalization) and mapped with model bounding box size.

By default normalized deformation is scaled to 10 percent of bounding box size for mode case data and 1 percent for Complex eigen data.

User can vary the value between 1 to 100.

To apply "True scale" uncheck  Normalize option and set scale factor  in 'Uniform' option as 1. Uniform means, constant scaling in X,Yand Z direction.


if 'Uniform' option is unchecked, the dialog shows its X, Y and Z factors as below.

here scaling will vary in each direction.

In this case, deformation is normalized in each direction (X,Y and Z Max normalization) and mapped with x,y and z length of bounding box size respectively .

Note: If the model is planar or linear, check 'Uniform' option for better visualization of deformation.



How to scale model?

Click with the right most button in the Viewer Window, to pop up the Viewer Context menu and then follow the instructions as below.

  • Click 'CAE | Scale Factor' option in context menu.
  • Deformation Scale Factor Dialog is popping up.
  • Enable uniform check box to scale model in each axis uniformly
  • Change the value.
  • Click Apply and view changes.

  • Disable uniform check box to scale model in each axis with different values.
  • Change scale values for each axis.
  • Click Apply and view changes.


How to scale deformation for Mode case animation data?

  • Load a mode case cax file.

  • Select CAE | Animate.

  • Select CAE | Scale Factor

  • Max option is checked.

  • The default value for mode case data is 10 % and for complex eigen data is 1 %,

  • Change the value to 20 % and click apply.

  • Notice the change.

  • Uncheck Normalize option.

  • Usual scale factor option will be enabled. Enter 1 and click apply for true scale.