Product Explorer

Product Explorer helps user to view the hierarchy of a scene and allows to

  • View the product tree.

  • Show/Hide a part or group of parts.

  • Highlight a part or group of parts.

  • Collapse and expand the Product tree visibility.

Context menu

Show All Shows all objects independent of user selection.
Invert Show Toggles to hide visible objects and to show the invisible objects.
Hide Others Hides unselected objects.
Focus Focuses the part selected to user view.
Select Highlights the objects selected in scene tree.
Add To Selection Adds to selection list and highlights it too.
Deselect Deselects current selection
User Info Pops up 'User Info' and if exists, displays information of that part/ assembly. Also it allows to edit
Transform Allows user to apply any transformation to the group node.
Display Mode Applies one of the following display modes to the current selection.
  Shaded : Smooth shade
  Shaded Mesh : Smooth shade with mesh.
  Wireframe : Model as edges
  HiddenLine : Wireframe in which, hidden lines removed
  Point : Model as points.
  Transparent : Semi-transparent Model.
  Set Random Color : Model parts with random colors.
  Set Color. : Allows user to define a color to the part selected.
Switch Animation Switches viewpoint animation. Shows a part per frame as in the product tree. Click the option again to stop the animation.
Delete Deletes the selected group / leaf node.
Rename Allows user to rename the node name.
Expand Expands the tree under the selected node to 1,2 and 3 levels.
Collapse Collapses the tree under the selected node to 1,2 and 3 levels.
Set As Current Model This option is applicable if more than one model exists. It is used to set the selected model as current model.


How to view product tree?

Click with the right most button in the Viewer Window, to pop up the Viewer Context menu and then follow the instructions as below.

  • Select 'Product Explorer' option from context menu or click ICON

  • It pops up product explorer dialog box as below.



Axis Shows/Hides the axis triad at the top right corner.
Navigator Shows/Hides the navigator in the right part of viewer
Statistics Shows/Hides graphical or rendering statistics in the bottom right corner.
3D Slide UI Shows/Hides viewpoint slide UI in the bottom right corner.

User can switch on or off any CAE property listed in the following table,

Color Plot Applies color plot to the Model or Removes it.
Legend Shows/Hides the Color Palette.
Min&Max Shows/Hides Min and Max values and its attached IDs in the label.
Frame Info Shows/Hides frame information in the bottom left corner of viewer.
Deform Mesh Applies or Removes deformation.
Undeformed Mesh Shows /Hides Undeformed mesh.
Vector Plot Shows/Hides Vector Plot
Contour Lines Shows/Hides Contour Lines.

How to show / hide parts?

  • Uncheck an object check box below the parts in the product tree.


  •  Notice that unchecked part is hidden in viewer as below.

  • Check it again to show the hidden part.


How to highlight a part?

  • Expand the product tree in product explorer.

  • Click on a part in product tree.

  • Right click on the same part, which drops down a menu as below.

  • Click 'Highlight' and notice that part is highlighted as below.


How to focus on a part or group of parts?

  • Select a part or group of parts in the product tree or in viewer or double clicking the part.


  • Select 'Focus' option in the right click context menu.

  • Notice that the part or group of parts is focused to the user view as above.