An Overview


VCollab Pro

VCollab Pro is easy to use, high performance Visualization and Presentation Software for CAD/CAM/CAE data.

It revolutionizes the way people share and study the Engineering Data.

It Helps the Product making companies in Visualizing and Studying the Product at various stages of its Life Cycle, from Concept to Service.


VCollabPro Layout


Menu Bar

The menu bar lists all the drop down menus in the application. Each of these contain submenus and menu items. 

Tool Bar

Each button on the tool bar refers to a menu item .  

Status Bar

The status bar is located in bottom and gives the description of the item selected in the menu bar. 

Left Span

Left Span contains Product Explorer, Part List, View Points and Label List tabs.  Product Explorer tab is in active mode by default.

Viewer Window

The viewer window is displayed by default when the application is initialized. The object or model when opened is loaded in the viewer window.  User can view all the simulations and the different views of the object in the viewer window.