How to change background?

User can change background in three ways as follows,

How to change background into a single and user defined color?

  • Click inside viewer using the right mouse button to pop up the context menu
  • Select Background....
  • It pops up the following dialog.
  • Select Plain as shown below.

  • Click the color box which pops up color dialog box as shown below.

  • Select a basic color displayed in color dialog box  and click OK.

To change the color into custom defined color,

  • Click Define Custom Color in the color dialog box, which expands to custom color definition as shown below.

  • Define a custom color and Click Ok.


How to change background into gradient of two colors?

  • Click Background option from viewer context menu.
  • Select Gradient in the popped up background dialog .

  • Click the two color boxes in the right side to select two colors

  • Select two color with the procedure followed in the Plain type.
  • Gradient of two selected colors will be applied in the viewer.