How to do measurements?


How to measure 3D Distance?

Click with the right most button in the Viewer Window, to pop up the Viewer Context menu and then follow the instructions as below.

  • Select Measure | Distance option from the Viewer context Menu or click icon from tool bar.
  • Click 2 points of interest on the model to measure the distance.
  • The points clicked are highlighted in red color and a line is drawn between the end points
  • An annotated label with distance value is attached to the middle point of line drawn.


How to measure arc?

  • Click Measure | Arc option.
  • Click on 3 points of interest to create Arc
  • An arc is drawn from start point to end point passing through the second point.
  • All three points are highlighted in red color.
  • An arrow is drawn from center of arc to the curve to denote the radius.
  • An annotated label with arc information is attached to the center of arc.
  • Curve hidden behind the model is drawn with dashed lines.


How to use Snap Vertex option?

  • Click Measure | Snap Vertex to enable.
  • This enables user to select a nearest vertex of model through mouse click while measuring distance or an arc.
  • User can use Snap Vertex option to assure that the arc or line is drawn through actual vertices of model.

Below is the snap shot of same arc measurement with snap vertex enabled.

How to use Vertex Info?

  • Click Measure | Vertex Info to enable.
  • When this option is selected, user can see a label with the X, Y, Z coordinates of an exiting vertex, as he moves the mouse on the model.
  • Use this option, when user wants to know the coordinate values before measurement.