Part List


This command helps user to view all parts and change each individual part properties.

Part List Panel

Select All Parts Selects all parts
List Box Lists all part names
Visible Toggles visibility for selected parts
Select Highlights selected parts
Display Mode Lists all display modes and applies the selected mode to the selected parts.
Undeformed mesh Shows undeformed mesh for selected parts.


How to access and modify part level properties in viewer?

  • Double click on a part inside the viewer.
  • It drops down a context menu as below.

  • User can do the following operations.
  • Hide the part
  • Hide all parts except this one.
  • Focus the part.
  • Delete the part.
  • Delete all parts except this one.
  • Show all parts
  • Inver the parts visibility.
  • Deselect all parts.
  • Change display mode.
  • Show / Hide color plot.

User's changes in panel and its effects in viewer

Changes Made in Panel The changes in viewer


  1. If part names are same for more than one part, successive names of parts are indexed with number.

    For example, if there are 3 parts with same name 'Cylinder', then

    • very first part in the product tree is named as 'Cylinder'

    • second part is named as 'Cylinder : 1'

    • third part is named as 'Cylinder : 2'


  2. Renaming of part names does not affect part list module. Part list panel displays old names only.

    To avoid this issue, rename the parts and save into a new cax file. Open the saved file and notice that part list panel displays the parts with new names.