Move Model As

This command provides options to user to increase performance during the navigation on viewer especially with big models.



  • As Is

    Renders current display mode

    User scene is visible while interacting with motion model


  • Single Bound Box

    Renders a single bound box for whole model

    User scene is hidden while interacting with motion model.


  • Part Bound Boxes

    Renders bound box for each  part.

    User scene is hidden while interacting with motion model.


  • Detail Culled

    This helps user to filter parts for visibility based on volume of all parts. User can view parts which are equal or less or above volumetrically with model volume.

    The default detail cull percentage is 30%. User can change this using 'Detail Cull Settings...' option.

  • Feature Edges

    Displays feature edges of part during motion model interaction.


  • Set Rotation Center

    This option allows user to pick a point in the model and set it as model rotation center.



How to enable this option?

  • Click Move Model As in the viewer context menu.

  • Select any one of the sub items available.


As Is Single Bound Box

Part Bound Boxes Detail Culled

Feature Edges



How to set rotation center?

  • Click MoveModelAs | Set Rotation Center option in the context menu.

  • Click on any point on the model.

  • The point will be set as rotation center.
  • Now rotate the model and notice the changes.



  • Click 'Reset' in the right click context menu to set the model centre as rotation center.
  • 'Reset' will reset not only the rotation center, but also all viewing functionality parameters to defaults.