Controlling Mid-node Writing

VMoveCAE ignores the mid-nodes in higher order elements during the translation and writes the values only at the corner nodes by default. However, user can tell VMoveCAE to retain the mid-nodes during the translations.

GUI Usage

  • Start VMoveCAE and Load a CAE file: Start VMoveCAE and load any CAE file which has mid-nodes.


  • Select Settings->Preferences menu item: Now select “Settings->Preferences” menu item.

    This will open the “Preferences” dialog.


  • Uncheck “Ignore mid-nodes” checkbox: Uncheck “Ignore mid-nodes” and save CAX file.


  • Open CAX file in VCollab Professional or VCollab Presenter: This CAX file can now be loaded into VCollab Professional and VCollab Presenter. User can observe the mid-node values also during the probing.

Batch usage

The translation of mid-nodes can be enabled in batch mode using the “--enable-mid-nodes” command line option.