Toolbar Icons and Context menu


Toolbar icons

Icon Icon title Description
Product Explorer This will popup a dialog bar which contains tabs for Scene Tree, Part List, Viewpoint List, Label List and XYPlot.
Fit View Fits the model into user view.
Explode Explodes all parts.
Section Allows user to define a section plane to clip or cut the model.
3D Distance Allows user to measure 3D Distance between any two points on model.
CAE Results Lists all results and user selected result would be applied on model.
Update Legend Settings for Legend and Hotspots
Edit Legend Allows user to edit Legend parameters.
Hotspot Finder Allows user to add constraints to Hotspot Finder
Vector Plot Allows user to plot vectors for vector type CAE results.
Probe Enables to probe CAE results
Hotspot Finder Enables to find hotspots
Animate Allows user to control the animation.
Animation Settings Allows user to define animation settings.
Move Label Enables mouse mode to move label

Viewer Context Menu















Reset Resets to default front view.
Fit view Brings all parts of model into view port
Show/Hide Shows/hides parts.
Open file Allows user to load CAX file
Product Explorer Contains scene tree, view points panel, Part List, Label List and XYPlot
Explode Explodes all parts.
Background Allows user to change background
Edit Mouse Allows user to customize mouse operations
Section Allows user to view cut section of model
CAE Allows user to deal with CAE data.
Pick Allows user to pick and drop a part
Measure Allows user to measure distance and arc/circle
ViewPoint Allows user to add viewpoint states.
Display Mode Displays different display modes.
Move Model As Helps in increasing performance in user interaction.
Label Allows user to modify label settings.
Refresh Normals Allows user to refresh surface Normals of the model.
Navigator Allows user to transform the model.
More Displays more options.