Hotspot Finder

This section helps user to define hotspots and allows to find regional hotspots.

Hotspot Finder Panel

'Find' list box contains two options,

  • Local Extrema - a mechanism to find regional or local min and max values.
  • Global Extrema - a mechanism to find min and max values in the selected region not like local extreme values.

To know more about Local and Global extrema, click here.

Min Used to set user minimum of range.
Max Used to set user maximum of range.
Top Used to find the number of top result values.
Bottom Used to find the number of bottom result values.
All Top Includes all same top values and its IDs.
All Bottom Includes all same bottom values and its IDs.
Mark MinMax Highlights the labels of maximum of top labels and minimum of bottom labels
Zone Radius Used to skip an area around already found hotspots.
Visible Surfaces Considers visible labels only.
Previous labels Used to keep previously found labels in manual hotspots finding.
Probe Type Based on this, displays value for current result or all results in a table, or all instances in table or XYPlot.
Template Type Provides a list of predefined label formats.
Result Options Allows user to customize the list and order of results in the labels.
ID Includes or excludes node or element ID in the label
Compare Options This option is visible if at least one file is merged with existing one. It will pop a dialog with compare options.
Add Viewpoints Generates viewpoints according to viewpoint options if enabled.
Export Exports the viewpoints into either vpt file or microsoft ppt file
View Point Options Provides various options to include or exclude different type of viewpoints
Find Hotspots Generates viewpoints for the model according to above information

How to set up Hotspot Finder settings?

Click with the right most button in the Viewer Window, to pop up the Viewer Context menu and then follow the instructions as below.

  • Select 'CAE Settings Option' from viewer context menu or click icon. 

  • It pops up 'CAE Settings' panel.

  • Select 'Hotspot Finder' tab,

  • Change the set up according to above descriptions.

How to find hotspots?

  • Select CAE | Hotspot Finder from the viewer context menu or Click the hotspot finder icon in the toolbar.
  • Draw a rectangular region on the model as below.

  • Computed hotspots are displayed as labels as follows.