GUI Layout

VMoveCAE GUI can be invoked by either clicking on the desktop shortcut of “VMoveCAE” or by running “%VCOLLAB_DIR%\VMoveCAE32\VMoveCAE.exe” on command line. The following diagram describes it's layout. layout is as follows.


It has the following components:

  • Menu Bar: The items in VMoveCAE menu bar provide VMoveCAE functionality that is seldom required to be used by the user.
  • ToolBar: VMoveCAE toolbar consists of tools and controls that are required generally required to handle most common tasks of CAX translation. In general, the user will be able to create CAX files completely using the toolbar items.
  • Geometry and Features Window: The Geometry and Features window provides a tree structure consisting of the part and feature lists.
  • Results and Properties Window: The Results and Properties window provides a tree structure consisting of the results list.
  • Dockable windows
    • Instance List
    • Cut-Section Settings
    • Iso-Surface Settings
    • Flow-Line Settings
    • Result Property Settings