File | SaveAs

This command allows user to save existing file into one of the following 3D file formats,

  • VCollab file (*.CAX)

  • VRML 2.0 file (*.wrl)

  • STL files (*.stl)

  • Hotspot files (*.hotspot)

  • MS Power Point Presentation (*.ppt)

  • 3DPDF(.pdf)

  • JT (.jt)

It saves user defined Viewpoint States too while saving into CAX format.



Format Limitation
  • Saving of adaptive shared meshes is not supported in this version.
  • Color is not supported for Points.


  1. Saving 3DPDF and JT formats are license based options.

  2. User can delete some parts or group of parts and save the file into above formats.

  3. VRML, JT, 3DPDF and STL files are saved with deformed geometry if deformation is applied.



How to save into new CAX file?

  • Click File | SaveAs which pops up 'Save As' file dialog box.

  • Choose Save as type as VCollab CAX Files(*.CAX)

  • Provide a new file name

  • Click Save.

  • If the cax model has adaptive shared meshes, an error message will pop up.

  • If file is saved, then following message will appear.

  • If file save failed, then the following message will appear.

  • Click OK to complete the process.

Other file types

  • VRML 2.0 file (*.wrl)

    saves into vrml file.


  • STL files (*.stl)

    saves into STereoLithography Ascii file. It only contains a triangulated surface geometry.


  • Hotspot files (*.hotspot)

    saves the probed or hotspot found nodal or elemental IDs into an ascii format. This file can be used or imported for another CAX file.


  • MS Power Point Presentation (*.ppt)

    saves as CAX embedded ppt file. The ppt contains the CAX file link, not the CAX file. user must take care while communicating with this ppt file.

    user has to send the saved ppt and CAX file also while communication.

  • 3DPDF files (*.pdf)

    writes current scene into 3DPDF file. VCollab writes the following data,

    • Geometry,

    • Material Color / CAE Color

    • CAE Legend

    • Frame Info

    • Probed Labels (CurrentResult-Derived Type is only supported. Other types are ignored.)



    The Legend, Result and Frame Information are shown in 3DPDF for merged models as below,


    The number of legends allowed is 2 while exporting into 3DPDF. If more than 2 CAE models are merged, then it's recommended to select 'Combined' or 'Active Model' in 'Palette' option of 'CAE Results' dialog as shown below


    While saving a large units file or a very small nano units file, VCollab prompts for a scaling down or up the units with an auto scale factor value.

    User can modify the scale factor. Based on the scale factor, VCollab converts possible geometries into pdf. If 'Cancel' button is clicked, no scaling will be applied to geometry.


    Adobe Reader XI or above is required to view these 3DPDF files.


  • JT (*.jt)

    VCollab exports JT 9.5 files and writes 3D model with current derived result color plot into JT file.

    In case of CAD files, VCollab writes the current scene into JT.


    The Result Information is added in the Product Tree of JT models as shown below,

    The number of legends allowed is 1 while exporting into JT. If more than 1 CAE models are merged, then it's recommended to select 'Combined' or 'Active Model' in 'Palette' option of 'CAE Results' dialog as shown below,


    JT2Go 10.1.2 or above is required to view these JT files