Edit | Label List

This command  lists probe and notes list. User can view, edit and delete the label.


Label List Panel with Context menu


Visible Enables or disables visibility to the selected items in the label list.
Probe Probes results for node id entered in ID edit box.
ID List Enables ID edit box into combo box and lists all existing nodal IDs for model
Probe List Displays list of all probed labels.
Notes Displays list of all notes labels
Invert Show Toggles in displaying between visible and hidden labels.
Delete Selected Labels Deletes selected labels in the panel.
Delete All Labels Deletes all labels.
Delete All Hidden Labels Deletes all hidden labels.
Invert Show Labels Toggles selected labels visibility.
Show Visible labels only Shows only labels of which, their attached geometry position is visible.
Keep Previous Labels Keeps previous labels visible. By default, it disappears.


How to view Label List?

  • Click Edit | Label List.


  • Click Label List tab in the left span of VCollab Pro.
  • Click 'Probe List' to view probed labels as below.

  • Click 'Notes' to view all type of notes as below.


How to add and edit Notes?

  • To Add Note,
    • Click Tools | Add Notes.
    • It pops up 'Add Note' dialog.
    • Enter a user note in the edit box.

    • Click OK.

    • Click any point in the viewer to fix it.
    • Click a point on the part if note is annotated to a part.


  • To Edit a note,
    • Click Edit | Label List
    • Click 'Notes' tab in the panel.
    • Double click the note to be edited by its display content.
    • It pops up 'Edit Notes' dialog again with old content.

    • Enter a new content to the note.

    • Click OK.

How to  change all labels in a single shot?

  • Right click on the panel.

  • Select Settings option.

  • Change the font name and size.

  • Notice the corresponding changes in the viewer


How to probe result for known ID?

  • Enter a known ID in the ID edit box.

  • Select a probe type.

  • Click Probe option to probe results.

  • A message box will appear for wrong node ID.

  • Click ID List checkbox if ID is not known to user.

  • It enables ID edit box into combo box.

  • It lists all existing nodal IDs.

  • Select a nodal id from the combo box.

  • Click Probe option to probe results.

  • The probed result is displayed as label in the viewer.

How to Fit labels inside viewer?


There are three options,

  1. Fit the labels manually.

    User can use this method to fit the labels into the view port, whenever it is necessary.

    • Click "Fit Labels" option from the drop down list under icon as seen in the image below.



      Below Image describes scene after Fit Labels.


  2. Auto Fit the labels.

    •  By default it is unchecked. If it is checked, all labels automatically comes into scene and will not move beyond the view port.

  3. Arrange Labels

    • If there are more number labels overlapping each other, then user loses readability.

    • To avoid this multiple labels overlapping, Use Arrange labels option.

    • It lists half of labels above the model and other half below the model in a readable order.

    • The following images shows labels before and after using Arrange Labels option.