Edit Menu

Edit Menu helps user to modify and save editable data in VCollab Pro 2011.

Menu Item Description
Copy To Clipboard Copies current scene to clip board as image buffer.
Mouse Mode Allows user to customize mouse mode.
Background Allows user to edit or modify background
Part Color Allows user to change material and appearance color of the part.
Product Explorer Allows user to manipulate product tree.
Part List Allows user to apply/remove visibility, hilight, display mode, etc. to individual parts of model.

View Point List

Allows user to create and store viewpoint states in CAX file itself.
Label List Lists all types of labels
XYPlot Allows user to create XYPlot and manage it.
Stereo Settings Allows user to enable Quad Buffer Stereo and to change eye shift values.
Origin Settings Allows user to show/hide and scale Coordinate axes at origin
Camera Settings Allows user to modify camera attributes.
Merge File Settings Allows user to place a merged model with reference to existing model position.
Profile Settings Allows user edit profile settings.
Options Allows user to change default options
Snap Shot Adds current scene state into Undo and Redo list views.