Display Mode

This section explains different types of display modes in detail.


Types of Display Mode:

Shaded Displays the model in smoothly shaded mode.
Shaded Mesh Displays the model in smoothly shaded mode with Mesh.
Wire Frame Displays the model as edges of polygon.
Hidden Line Displays the model in wireframe mode with hidden line removed.
Points Displays the model only with the nodal points.
Transparent Displays the model in smoothly shaded mode with 50% transparency.


Display Menu Items

Feature Edges Allows user to view feature edges.
Axis Shows/hides axis (triad) in the viewer.
Origin Show/Hides axis at scene origin.
Full Screen Toggles between normal window and full screen view.
Properties Displays Part properties for mouse actions on parts.
Line Size User can set line width between 1 to 5 for line data set.


How to change display mode?

  • Select Display Mode in the viewer context menu
  • Select any one mode.
  • Notice the changes on viewer.


Model with different Display modes

Shaded Shaded Mesh
Wire Frame Hidden Line removed Wire Frame
Points Transparent

Feature Edges

Show Shows/Hides Feature Edges
Detach Geometry Detaches Feature Edges from Geometry
Line Color... Pops up  a color dialog
Line Size Set line width between 1 to 5.

How to show feature edges?

  • Click 'Display | Features Edges | Show' option.
  • It shows feature edges in default color.

  • Feature Edges is visible depends upon the visibility of part by default
  • If you hide a part, feature edges of that part also will be hidden.

  • To view feature edges of part alone, click 'Display | Feature Edges | Detach Geometry' option.
  • User can view the feature edges independent of part visibility.

  • To change the feature edge color, click 'Display | Feature Edges | Line Color...' option.
  • It pops up a color dialog.

  • Select a color and click 'OK'

  • To increase the line size to 2, click 'Display | Feature Edges | Line Size | 2'
  • Change the size to 2.
  • Visibility improved by changing line size to 2 as below.