Display Menu

Display Menu helps user to view scene with more information..


Menu Item Description
Display Mode Allows user to change between different display modes.
Standard Views Displays pre-defined standard views
Move Model As Sets the render mode for the objects in the scene during interaction.
Feature Edges Allows user to show/hide feature edges.
Projection Toggles between Perspective  and Orthographic Projection.
Coordinate System Allows user to change between XY, XZ and YZ coordinate systems.
Reset Resets to Initial or standard Front View.
Fit View Fits the Model to the Viewer Window.

Set Rotation Center

Allows user to set the rotation center of the model.

Full Screen Maps current view port to full screen of monitor.
Statistics Provides Performance Information.
Axis Displays Axis Triad.
Origin Allows user to show/hide and scale origin triad axis.
Stereo Enables Stereo mode.
Properties Displays Part properties for mouse actions on parts.