How to translate All Parts and Results?


  • Start VMoveCAE: Invoke VMoveCAE GUI by clicking on the desktop shortcut of “VMoveCAE ”.
  • Click on the “Load Model” tool: Click on the “Load Model” tool to invoke CAE file browser.
This opens a file open browser.
  • Browse and select CAE file: Browse to the location of the CAE file and select it. In this tutorial, we use a LS-Dyna d3plot file that is provided with VMoveCAE samples. It is located at “%VCOLLAB_DIR%\VMoveCAE \samples” directory. Now either click on “Open” or press enter
Browse and select CAE file
  • VMoveCAE displays parts and results: VMoveCAE now reads the selected CAE file and extracts the part and result information from it. The list of parts is shown in the “Geometry and Features” window under the “Geometry” tree. The list of results is shown in the “Results and Properties” window under the “Results” tree.

List of Parts and Results

















  • Click on “Save CAX” tool: To translate all the parts and results, simply click on the “Save CAX” tool.
Click on “Save CAx” tool
This opens a file save browser.
  • Enter CAX file name: Browse to the desired location of the output CAX file and change the file name to the desired. Please choose a directory different from VMoveCAE samples directory as you may not be having permissions to save it there. It is also good keep the VMoveCAE samples directory clean by not saving the CAX files into it. Now either click on “Save” or press enter
Browse and enter CAE file name










  • CAX translation: VMoveCAE now translates the CAE file and creates a CAX file with all the parts and results from it. A busy cursor will be displayed during the translation. A successful translation results in popping up a “Translated Successfully” message box as shown in the following figure. When the translation fails, a “Translation Failed” message box appears.
Browse and enter CAE file name