How to create and edit an element group?


  1. Start VMoveCAE and Load a CAE file: Start VMoveCAE and load the caliper.op2 file.

  2. Select any result in the results list: Select a result say “Stress (Centroidal)”. This now pops up the "Instance List" as shown in the following figure.

    Now select an instance, say "L2M1". This will enable the "Element Grouping" tool.


  3. Click on the “Add Elements Groups” tool: Element groups can be created using “Element Grouping” window.

    To enable this window, click on the “Add Element Groups” tool. This pops up the “Element Grouping” window.


  4. Check “Group elements with result” checkbox: Let us now check the “Group elements with result” checkbox.

    This will add a new group into the Geometry window as shown in the following figure.

    Also check “Group Elements with no result” to add another group.


  5. Save CAX and open it in VCollab Pro 2011: Translate and create a CAX file.

    Open it in VCollab Pro 2011 or Presenter 2011 to visualize the added group.

    The product explorer shows the additional parts.


  6. Set display settings: For better visualization, user can change the part display settings.

    The following snapshots makes “Object 1” invisible, and “Stress (Centroidal) L2M1 Not Specified” transparent and

    “Stress (Centroidal) L2M1 Specified” into shaded mesh modes. to visualize the added group.