CAE | CAE Settings

This option helps user to edit range, colors, format of legend values, etc.




Any change in the above settings will affect current dataset only, if multiple datasets exist.

Update Legend panel











Change Range User can change min & max values
Min Enables to modify min value in the range
Max Enables to modify max value in the range
Legend Shows / hides  the legend information in the viewer
Reverse Legend Reverses  legend values, not the color palette
Color Plot Applies or Removes the color plot in the model
Update Current Instance Updates for the current instance.
Update All instances Updates for all instances


Edit Legend panel











Palette User can choose any number of colors to be applied on model
Scientific Displays the legend values in scientific format
Precision User can choose the decimal places for contour values
Frame Info Displays/Hides frame information
Placement Allows user to place the legend either in left or right or top or bottom.
Apply Apply the changes in the viewer.

Hotspot Finder Settings panel

Min Used to set the minimum range for the hotspot to be found in a selected region.
Max Used to set the maximum range for the hotspot to be found in a selected region.
Top Used to find the number of highest result values occurred in a selected region.
Bottom Used to find the number of lowest result values occurred in a selected region.
Previous Labels Used to keep the previous labels visible, otherwise it will show only the hotspots from current selected region.
ID Used to display the nodal ID in the label.
Visible Surface Used to find the required results on the visible surface. Enabling this option disables Exclude Region Option.
Label List Used to launch label List dialog to manage labels and notes



Vector Plot Settings Panel

Auto Scale Enables Auto Scale for vector plot
Scale Slider Control Allows user to scale the vectors.
Arrow Size Allows user to choose any one size out of three.
User Color Allows user to choose a color from palette for vector.
Set Deformation Sets starting point of vector as deformed nodal position.
Vector Plot Enables vector plot.
Detach Geometry Enables user to hide geometry and view vector plot.


How to update Legend?

  • Click 'CAE | CAE Settings'.
  • Click 'Legend Setting' tab in the popped up dialog.
  • Click Min and Max options to change range.
  • Enter the new range values.
  • Click 'Update Current Instance' button.
  • Observe the changes in the viewer.

How to edit Legend?

  • Click 'CAE | CAE Settings'.
  • Click 'Edit Legend' tab.
  • Select "preset#3" in palette dropdown.

  • Click 'Apply' and observe the changes in the viewer as below.