CAE Menu

This menu is exclusively for CAE data. All sub items are disabled If the cax file does not contain CAE information.


Menu Item Description
Result List Allows user to select a result, instance and a derived type and apply to the model.
CAE Settings Allows user to edit and update Legend information.
Scale Factor Allows user to scale model in all three axes uniformly or non-uniformly.
Display Allows user to show/hide legend, contour colors, deformed mesh and vector plot.
Animate Animates CAE Model.
Animation Settings Allows user to edit or select type of animation, speed, number of frames, with/without deformation
Probe Allows user to probe node/element and display the information on the viewer.
Probe Settings Pops up probe settings dialog
Probe Table Allows user to switch On /Off probe table properties.
Hotspot Finder Allows user to find hotspots by selecting a region window on model.
Export Probe Labels... Allows user to store probe labels data into csv files.
Create Result... Allows user to create a new CAE result or new load cases from existing results like sum, average, etc...
Result Options Allows user to edit options to all results.
Current Result Operations Allows user to modify current result options.
Symbol Plot... Pops up symbol plot panel and allows user to create symbols for user defined nodes.
Node Set Manager Allows user to define named node sets.