This section command allows user to change or modify the background.

VCollab Presenter allows user to change background into three types.

  • Plain (Mono color)
  • Gradient (of two colors)

Default : Gradient (Blue and White)


If the cax file contains any viewpoint with texture image, VCollab Presenter allows user to change texture positioning and style. i.e, centered, stretch and tiled texture.

If texture image exists as background, then the panel shows texture mode options

Background Panel

Plain Allow to change the mono color background.
Gradient Allows to change the Gradient background.

Plain Type

This type sets a single color as background. User can change into any basic color or custom defined color.

Click with the right most button in the Viewer Window, to pop up the Viewer Context menu and then follow the instructions as below.

To change the color into any basic color,

  • Click 'Background' option from Context menu.
  • Select the Plain type in the popped up background dialog as below.


User is allowed to select or define two colors to form a gradient type.

  • Click 'Gradient' type in the background panel

  • Click the two color boxes in the right side to select two colors

  • Select two color with the procedure followed in the Plain type.
  • Gradient of two selected colors will be applied in the viewer.

Texture Mode

  • Texture Mode option is visible only if Texture is available.
  • Texture Mode decides whether the image should be centered or stretched or tiled.
  • User can select any one of three options, 'Center', 'Tile' and 'Stretch'. 'Center' is the default.

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