Appending Results File

Many native CAE software split the simulation data into model and result files. An example to this is, the Fluent .cas and .dat files. The .cas file predominantly consists of the mesh, boundary conditions and initial conditions where as the .dat file contains the simulation results. In such cases, VMoveCAE supports appending results from a result file to the mesh from the corresponding model file. This feature is available only for certain file types. When result appending is available, the “Append Results” tool and the “File/Append Results” menu items gets enabled after loading the model. The following steps describe how to append the results in VMoveCAE.

  1. Start VMoveCAE and Load a Fluent .cas file: Start VMoveCAE and load a fluent .CAX file from the samples directory. One can observe that VMoveCAE displays only parts as no result are available in the .cas file. It can also be observed that the “Append Results” tool is enabled to append the results from .dat file.


  2. Click on “Append Results” tool: To append results from the .dat file, click on the “Append Results” tool. This will open a file open browser as shown in the following diagram. Select the corresponding .dat file and load it.


  3. VMoveCAE displays the appended results: VMoveCAE now displays the appended results as shown in the following figure.


  4. Filter the parts and results and save CAX: Filter the parts and results as desired and save the CAX file.